Morning Son

by Orion Freeman

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I joyfully send Morning Son out into the universe
with the intention to heal what’s been broken
to regain all which has been lost
to release that which no longer serves
to remember the part of myself
that has always been whole

- Orion



released April 24, 2017

Produced by Orion Freeman

All songs written, arranged, recorded and
performed by Orion Freeman, except:

Cello - Maura Dwyer (1,5,6,9)
Fiddle - Val Vuolo (1,6,9)
Upright Bass - Phil D’Agostino (1,2)
Synths - Todd Mecaughey (6)

Vocals, Harmonies, Guitars, Resonator Slide, Banjo, Harmonica, Electric Bass, Percussion, Beatbox - Orion Freeman

Recorded (partially with the power of the sun)
at Birchwood Studio in Granville, PA

Mixed and Mastered at Cambridge Sound Studios in Philadelphia, PA
Mixed by Jim Salamone and Todd Mecaughey
Additional Mixing by Orion Freeman
Mastered by Jim Salamone

Cover Photo (Machu Picchu, Peru at dawn) and
Graphic Design by Orion Freeman

Orion proudly plays through Keystone Amplifiers

A huge shoutout and special thanks to Mark Snyder for the boatloads of kindness and shreddin amp, to my pops for a wonderful new frontier of connection and support, and to the countless other folks who supported the making of this record with their incredibly generous contributions.

Morning Son is dedicated to my Dearma, the purest Love I’ve known


all rights reserved



Orion Freeman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Orion Freeman is a singing, songwriting, guitar-playing seeker from the woods just beyond the mortar and bricks of Philadelphia. His souled-out, reggae-infused, flamenco-tinged, bluesy folk-rock aspires to move: your shoes; your heart; the cobwebs, so as to allow your soul to shine...

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Track Name: Jesus in Denial
(Verse 1)
I’m lyin here under this great sun
the world keeps spinnin in more ways than one
but it’s all just a metaphor for my mind
Don’t know what I got til it’s gone
send myself to hell clinging onto what was
so in the name of change I project tomorrow
Now anxiety is behind the wheel
I’m tryin to go north but it’s headin south
do I go with the flow or be torn to pieces

(Pre-Chorus 1)
Perched between my sanity and my sense
this is why the caged bird sings

(Chorus 1)
I am Jesus in denial
I am silence consumed by sound
I am wisdom within without anyone who will hear
I am child in need of mother’s care
I am joy on the brink of despair
I am a shadow unaware that its source is the sun
always in hiding, or else

(Verse 2)
On the run
blisters on my soul, dripping confusion
all on my focus, now my focus is gone
Or not so much gone as latched upon
materials and fancy forms
leaving my senses senseless— trapped behind fences and walls
5 foot 6 inches tall
blonde hair, blue eyes— how can this not be God?
But right on cue, He says “You’re mistaken, my friend”

(Pre-Chorus 2)
Left making excuses for this misused heart again
peace came and then it went

I got a mind full of knowledge, undisputed facts, and thought
oh no but still no closer to knowing God

(Chorus 3)
I am Jesus in denial
I am silence consumed by sound
I am wisdom within without anyone who will hear
I am refugee in a foreign land
I am a symbol I don’t understand
I am two or three footsteps from turning around
I am wild horses stuck in a cage
I am Now but I’m always late
I am the product of One I can’t conceive
I am perfection destined to fail
I am joy on the brink of despair
I am a shadow unaware that its source is the sun
always in hiding, or else on the run
Track Name: Flower in a Vase
(Verse 1)
I got a great big sadness in my soul
Left from all the years I couldn’t let it go
Couldnt bear the fire, couldn’t bear the snow
Couldn’t bear the thought that you’re gone

(Verse 2)
I got ten thousand different shades of blue
One for all the days that I been missin you
Preachin to the choir, dancing with the wolves
A joker in a deck of 52

(Verse 3)
Sittin here contemplating Fate
Contemplating all that these moments have laid to waste
Until we know the tune, until we’ve run the race
My heart is yet a flower in a vase

You would’ve been there, I know you would
You would’ve been there if you could

(Verse 4)
How long since I floated like the breeze?
How long since this jungle here was just a grove of trees?
How long to hold on, how long to release
This world that I been wearin on my sleeve
Track Name: Icarus
(Verse 1)
When I woke up this morning there wasn’t no sunshine
In fact it was pourin down rain
Made me think that maybe I should pick up a religion
but even religion can’t save you in the end
from yourself
It can’t save you from the labyrinth in your head
If you try to fly off over the ocean into the sun
eventually you’re bound to get wet

You can’t define me by the sad song that I sing
You can’t begin to know my soul by plucking one feather from my wing
when you’ve lived your life in darkness
always on the run
You can’t blame a man for chasin the sun

(Verse 2)
Each day feels like both a moment and a lifetime
10,000 days have come and gone
It could be tomorrow I meet with my creator
but I don’t know if I can wait that long
I’ve flown high and low to get a taste of the nectar of the gods
a great expanse of nothing in between
Each day spent wandering the contours of a long and faceless road
suspended between my life and my dreams

Fly away; fly away
After our wings have brought us back to ourselves
We fly away
Track Name: Family Tree
(Verse 1)
Times, they were hard
No work, no food, no tomorrow
Rules he had to follow lest Mother lose her cool
He was bright, he learned fast
Learned invisible was best
Loneliness was no match for the bruises on his back

He was eighteen when freedom’s bell did ring
The country’s bravest souls had been called to save the day
What he saw, some say, a man carries into his grave
Have mercy on the soul that cashes in that hell to pay

(Verse 2)
She ran to the store to buy them all some more
Bread and eggs and milk and cheese to feed the other four
She ran fast, knowing that his patience wouldn’t last
That all the pain and all the ghosts outran his past

She walked through the door
Eyes like shadows on the floor
Familiar scents of smoke and rage clinging to her clothes
Fist meets face, purple and red he paints
The black and white tv says THANK JESUS WE’VE BEEN SAVED

(Verse 3)
The day he was born was like no day that came before
All the love that she had never had flowed from the boy
But time, it went
And the love it didn’t last
It couldn’t fill the holes that had been dug up by the past

So on and on it went, the boy a mirror of the tears unwept
An afternoon sunset, another day wasted like the rest
He spent his life a moth to flickering light
“Excuse me Miss, how bout a kiss, salvation for the night.”
Track Name: Salvation (The Ballad of a Good Boy)
I know you never asked me to follow you
Not in words, anyway
But blood runs deeper than anything you can say
How far we’ve come
How little we’ve become
And what a good boy I’ve been for you

(Verse 1)
Sorrow, tell me where you gone to
Been ages since I could feel a thing
Safety, whatchu done for me?
I been alone since I met you

(Verse 2)
Sunrise, I wanna gaze into your eyes
At long last I’ve found a friend
Sunset, I wish we never met
Beholden to your purples and blues

(Verse 3)
Some say what’s done is done live today
I saw it carved into a bathroom stall
Others call for waves of changes now
Sail the past and its mirrored clouds
I, for one, just feel confused

(Interlude - Joseph Campbell)
"A child has to give up his childhood and become an adult-
Has to die, you might say, to his infantile personality and psyche
and come back as a self-responsible adult.
It's a fundamental experience that everyone has to undergo..."

(Verse 4)
How come the shooter bought the gun?
He was such a nice boy the neighbors said
All that swept away behind the bed
Underneath the rug, alongside the fear
The rage no one could hear
The father’s ghost and the mother’s tears
I saw them tag the bodies on the news

(Chorus 3)
I know you never asked me to follow you
Not in words, anyway
But love runs deeper than all the trust you betrayed
And how far we’ve come
How bold we’ve become
And what a good boy I’ve been for you

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